February 13, 2009

Gold catfish water

The cat that lives here
She drinks the goldfish water
Mmmmmm, goldfish water

January 23, 2009

we told you

the number 23 is over in the shadows makin that Ju On noise.....
u know that noise don`t ya?from the movie?ju on?cause if you just watched the american version....you don`t know what we`re talkin about here.
ya`ll member that cho thing?at virginia tech?you may have forgotten it coz there really is so much more that happens...but not here...nothing ever happens here...till the ju on...
uh-oh!!!the ju on came to town!!!
we said it.we here at third mind said it.wednesday night some guy sawed off some girls head at VT and it`s just as senseless as cho killin em up.but it`s not senseless if you know the ju on when you see it.
i hope i can`t catch it from cleaning an asian`s car....

January 02, 2009

i could be lieing to you right now

ok this is what it is....
we do have the very mostly of an episode about open mic night and shut.been sittin on a puter for over a year.SLACK....kids...
sittin on a puter......foreshadowing font,please....a windows friggin 2000.oh what does that matter???,you ask.....like you know everything.....well i`ll tell you....avast anti virus is unable to fully support a 2000 and...really now...wood you???
electranama was lookin at lighthouse porn on the google up and....well......you know that custer dood and those indians...that one where he stood that last time???
windows 2ooo took it like a....oh what was her name???....never had a chance.Period.
poor old thing.and yes we COOD pull those files off..on a disk,ya`ll....jump drive look like shrimptoast to a virus.....we cood...maybe one day...
anyway,we started a new toon yesterday coz we wanna.it`s called Harlan The Younger(Lot 23).i think he lives on riverstyx lane but not sure....i`ll have our people check on that.
All the street names here are so quaint
thank you

December 29, 2008

Papal Haiku

fat man in brown suit
once again republican?
used to be the pope

October 27, 2007


We have been forced to undergo construction on the pentagram flowerbox site. We apologize for any likeness to a moldy ol' newspaper and assure you we are doing everything within our powers to correct this.
Thank You

September 23, 2007

We Takin' Applecations

Our 2nd Monkey Shines Auto Wash commercial.